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Speciality food and drink

Speciality food and drink

We go out of our way to support local producers who make gorgeous goodies, like Crosbies cakes, handmade near Guildford, and coffee roasted by Coffee Real in Horsham. There are too many to mention here, so expect a few nice surprises when you visit!

Rochester drinks
Curiously cool refreshment

Traditional lemonades (made just as they should be - with lots of real lemons!), curiously cool cordials (how about Mr Fitzpatrick's Blackcurrant and Liquorice?), fiery ginger drinks and iced teas are just some of our alcohol-free offerings. Frankly, they make mass-produced fizz in plastic bottles seem distinctly dull!

Silent Pool Gin
Sip and savour

From fine vintages to highly drinkable vin de tables, you can be sure of the selection of world wines, personally chosen for Priory Farm by our expert wine merchant. For something different, reach for a fruit wine, mead or liqueur from the amazing Lyme Bay Winery or a bottle of speciality spirits, all of which make delightful gifts.

Le Mesurier
Heaven for the home cook

Whether you're cooking from scratch or planning to cheat (just a little!), you'll find everything you need, from cold pressed oils to aromatic spices, delicious dressings, fresh stock and artisan cooking sauces. We have condiments aplenty too, so whether it's a chef quality hollandaise you're hoping for or a piquant tartare, you'll find it here.


Cottage Delight cheese palmiers
Crunch, munch and dip

Delicately flavoured breadsticks, melt-in-the-mouth cheese palmiers (they really are lovely), artisan crisps and very nice nuts ... just some of the munchy marvels we have in store. We try to steer clear of mainstream brands and bring you luxury products to grace your next barbecue, dinner party, cocktails on the patio - or cosy night in.

Local supplier? If you make an exceptional product and would like us to consider it for the Farm Shop, email us at and tell us about it!