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High Weald dairy cows

A feast of cheeses

Cheese is one of life's great pleasures. To make it into our Farm Shop, a cheese has to be of exceptional quality and pass our very own strict taste test. And we go out of our way to source from artisan cheesemakers, starting right here in Surrey. So you can be sure of an exciting selection, and knowledgeable staff to help you choose. 

Delectable Cheese Wedding Cakes

Something vintage, something new, something creamy, something blue ... no matter what your taste in cheese, stunning centrepiece wedding cakes are perfect crowd-pleasers for your big day. See full details and how to order.

Norbury Blue cheese
Talented local cheesemakers

Norbury Blue

Surrey's only cheesemaker, Norbury Blue is made at Norbury Park Farm which nestles at the foot of Box Hill near Dorking. Here, Michaela and Neil Allam use raw milk from their closed herd of Friesian cows to make their delicious cheeses: Norbury Blue, a blue veined cheese with an intense flavour, and Dirty Vicar, a Caerphilly-like cheese with a soft, creamy rind.

High Weald Dairy

Down in West Sussex at Horsted Keynes is High Weald Dairy, another family-run cheesemaker with their own dairy herd. At our deli you will find their Ashdown Foresters, Sussex Marble, Chilli Marble and Brighton Blue.

Bookham Harrisons Farms

Also from West Sussex comes the award-winning Sussex Charmer from Bookham Harrison Farm in Rudgewick.


Alsop and Walker cheese, Sussex | Priory Farm Shop

Alsop and Walker

These artisan cheesemakers produce a range of delicious cheeses in Mayfield, Sussex: Sussex Camembert and Sussex Brie, full flavoured soft and creamy cheese.

The Traditional Cheese Dairy

Located in Wadhurst, East Sussex, the Traditional Cheese Dairy is a small family run local dairy. They produce cheese from free-range, grass-fed raw milk from award winning local farms. Choose from: Scrumpy Sussex, a buttery, rich cheese with herbs, garlic & cider; Goodweald Smoked, naturally smoked over oak chippings giving a full bodied smoked flavour; Burwash Rose, a melt in the mouth semi-soft cheese that is washed in English Rose water, it's creamy and sticky with rose floral notes, and Lord Of The Hundreds, an unpressed ewe's milk cheese with an open texture and complex flavours with sweet and savoury hints.

Black Bomber cheese
Best of British

The majority of of our cheese selection is made up of great British cheeses, much-loved bestsellers such as Colston Basset Stilton, Black Bomber Cheddar, Rosary Goat's Cheese & Stinking Bishop.

We offer a vast range including many sourced from family run dairies and each with its own unique story.

We are so pleased to be able to support these farmers, many of whom have been forced to diversify from selling milk due to the pressure of cut prices and increasing costs. Priory Farm is indeed proud to work with some of the best artisan cheesemakers in Britain!

Brie on bread
Famous names

Although we endeavour to source as many of our products as locally as possible, we do offer a carefully sourced selection of luxurious continental cheeses.

The offering varies, so do come and take a look, but some of the superstars that have pride of place are:

Comté – this one is aged in the cellars of an old fort near the mountain dairies where it is made. It has a smooth texture and deliciously nutty flavour.

Brie Du Pays – an unpasteurised Brie with a strong flavour and pungent aroma.

Roquefort – made with sheep's milk, it is strong and salty with a sharp tang.