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Freshly baked bread & cakes

Factory-produced cakes and stodgy bread never make it anywhere near our farm shop! Bread is, after all, the staff of life, and we believe that good bread is well worth going the extra mile for. And when it comes to cake - you'll want to relish every morsel of our delectable range.

Freshly baked bread
Freshly baked bread

Chalk Hills Bakery bakes bread the traditional way, and we're proud to be one of their very first stockists. Long fermentation times and hand moulding of each loaf by highly-skilled bakers creates great tasting, artisan bread. The choice includes: Surrey Sourdough, Fig and Walnut, 100% Rye, Cape Seeded Loaf, Surrey Bloomer, Foccacia, Stonebaked Wholemeal Loaf, Olive Loaf as well as a selection of scones and seasonal goodies.

We also proud to work with renowned bakery Fellows of Ardingly who supply a popular range of delicious bread and bakery items.

Pop into the farm shop Friday - Sunday and you will also find pastries, focaccia and speciality breads from The Hungy Guest. 

 Crosbies cakes, Surrey
Freshly baked, fabulous cakes

We've long been famous for our tempting range of freshly baked cakes. There’s something for everyone, so whether it’s a tea-time favourite, a special treat, or a gift for a friend, you can have your cake and eat it! 

You'll be spoilt for choice with an offering that includes luscious carrot cake, top-selling lemon crunch and generously iced chocolate, caramel and coffee & walnut cakes, as well as traditional Victoria sponges. We also stock gorgeous traybakes such as rocky road and macadamia and the most indulgent of brownies that will take you to chocolate heaven!

Our bread and cakes are baked in small batches and sell fast - so do feel free to contact us if there is something you need and we will put it aside for you. Call us on 01737 822603 or email us using the button below.

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